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Weird and Wack

I've found eleven cents about four times in the last few days... I don't know what it means, but I need to find out. My cat keeps bringing this giant sponge in my room too. I don't know how to interpret these things... they scare me.

We should really stop buying additional items at gas stations.. like chips, soda, cigarettes... whichever. By doing this, we might be able to force them to lower gas prices. We also might put them out of business, but that's cool too. You don't need to buy that stuff there anyways... that's what 7-11 is for. Wayne-Hunter is also a fine store.

It's funny when people post entries on here that appear to welcome argument... but then erase your comments because they're a little too true...That's weak, please tell me to fuck off... I promise not to erase it.
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